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The BrokerReady backup service is a fully managed, online data backup service that eliminates the need for manual tape systems, shipping, handling & tape storage costs. Removing the need for messy tape rotations greatly reduces the likelihood of human error - the number one cause of most data losses.

Key Features

  • Highly reliable remote backup.

  • Negotiable online data retention periods.

  • Quick & easy restoration via our web portal.

  • Direct-to-disk & data de-duplication allows full server backups to be completed in minutes.

  • Servers or data can be recovered locally for fast restore.

  • Easy to use self-recovery & reporting tools.

Reduces Costs & Minimizes Risk

  • Remote backup is more cost effective than internal tape based systems.

  • Reduces costs for IT infrastructure & resources.

  • Minimizes risk & costs associated with business disruption & downtime.

  • Addresses key ASIC compliance indicators.

  • Simple monthly subscription fee.

  • Fixed price quotation.